We uncover the truth behind a criminal case and present our findings, whether positive or negative, t shows guilt, the defense attorney the defense lawyers handling your case. In cases where the evidence actually shows guilt, the defense attorney can use the evidence to plead guilty and to appeal for a lighter sentence. However, more often than not for the cases that show innocence, the defense can use the gathered evidence to help strengthen their case substantially and to clear the name of their innocent clients resulting in a DA reject. 

If we obtain enough evidence to prove your innocence early on during the prefile phase of your case (before they file charges)  your defense attorney can use this information to help you make out of court settlements before and actual court case is filed. Therefore, avoiding any scandals and the tarnished reputations that usually accompany someone getting accused of a criminal act.  

Let All American Investigations obtain the evidence for your court case to prove your innocence.

Criminal Defense