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"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."      

-Galileo Galilei  

Alex M. Salazar

Private Investigator

With a career spanning 29 years, Mr. Salazar has the training and expertise in both security and investigations. His skills have been battle tested in both the military and undercover police operations. Mr. Salazar’s name is synonymous with high quality professional work. He is one of a handful of certified criminal defense investigators in California, as well as an advocate for those who have been wrongfully accused.   Additionally, Mr. Salazar possesses an extensive undercover surveillance background which includes thousands of hours; many resulting in solid answers and needed proof.
Mr. Salazar has dedicated over half his life to the investigations and security fields because of his deep love and dedication in helping people.  And, his criminal defense/civil rights investigations have helped him clear the names of many innocent individuals. ​